Cheapy MiniSD Cards

Cheapy MiniSD Cards Are you sat at home sorting through the Christmas gifts and finding socks, socks and more

socks? Is your girlfriend / wife out at the sales buying 5 identical-looking tops

“because they’re half price”? Well maybe it’s about time you bought yourself something.

How about a 2Gb miniSD card for £86.99 ? Or, if you’re after

something a bit cheaper, a 1Gb miniSD for £49.99 ? MobyMemory aren’t skimping on

speed either, with a read speed of 9mb per sec and a write speed of 8mb per sec. Now

that’s quick – seriously quick. Quicker than the SanDisk miniSD’s!

I’ve also spotted these useful MiniSD card readers which look like regular pen

drives but act as an ultra-fast card reader too!

Don’t forget to check out MobyMemory for your memory card requirements – no matter what

card you need.

Link – MobyMemory MiniSD cards