Mio A201 GPS Device now available

Mio A201 GPS Device now available The Register are reporting the launch of the Mio A201 GPS-ready Pocket PC device. Although slightly larger it does have a flap and swivel GPS unit so that you can use the sat-nav display in any orientation you please. It also comes with the SiRFStar III chipset, which features 20 channel tracking… which basically means it’s really good ‘n stuff 😉

The Mio A201 runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 and comes with a fairly hefty 192Mb of memory (128Mb ROM / 64Mb RAM) so you can also use it as a regular PDA.

You can buy the Mio A201 from places like Clove Technology for around £199.

Links – Mio A201 @ mio-tech.be