Good news – Orange SPV C600 Review now available!

Good news   Orange SPV C600 Review now available! Hey guys. Remember how I said, “The Orange SPV C600 review will be online by Monday”. Well, I never said it would necessarily be last Monday did I ? 🙂

You can now find the full review, with up-close photos, screen shots, animated GIFs, example camera shots and a full run down of all the new stuff here! Although we’re yet to see this hit the shops it is marked as “Coming Soon” on the Orange shop, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before you guys can play around with it too!

Once again apologies for the delay. This one has taken me about a week to do because of it’s sheer size and other stuff I’ve being doing with the site! However, it’s worth waiting for because, after all, we’ve always got the best reviews haven’t we ? 😉

Link – Orange SPV C600 – The Review