Reviewed – o2 XDA Exec AND Orange SPV M5000

Reviewed   o2 XDA Exec AND Orange SPV M5000 I’ve noticed a few other websites knocking up reviews for handsets recently and I thought, “Hmm.. how can we go one better?”

Then I came up with the answer. Instead of just reviewing the Orange SPV M5000 or the o2 XDA Exec, how about we review both of them. Then, to make things even more interesting, let’s do a 3G video call between the two of them – just to see how they cope.

Both reviews are pretty similar as they’re essentially the same hardware, however you can see the reviews in full, with close-up photos, screen-shots here for the Orange SPV M5000 review and here for the o2 XDA Exec review.

Links –
Orange SPV M5000 (3G) Review
o2 XDA Exec (3G) Review