I’m totally on the ball me..

Im totally on the ball me.. I was out shopping the other day and spotted about 10 people with Windows Smartphones. Fair play to all of you in Cheshire Oaks, you’ve got taste. It’s a bit of a shame that you didn’t recognise me, but then – I don’t like getting hassled for autographs while I’m out shopping. 😉

Remember Bonfire Night ? November 5th ? Yeah, I know, it was 10 days ago but I’m a bit behind with the ‘ole email. Anyhoo, Niraj Bhatt is yet another person with taste (aren’t you all, I love you guys! Let’s go for a drink!). He went down to Sandwell Park in West Bromwich to watch the firework display. Whilst there he thought, “Man, this is fantastic! I wish I’d bought a video camera!” Well, he had – he’d got his Orange SPV C550 and here’s his resulting video.

Top marks mate. Yet another stunning example of what the Windows Smartphone can do!

By the way, I wrote this while I was sober. Surprising huh ?