SPV M3000 Poll .. and the results are..

SPV M3000 Poll .. and the results are.. The results are in. We asked you exactly 2 weeks ago whether you’d like to buy the Orange SPV M3000. Orange launched it, but didn’t announce a UK release! Booo!! We wanted to know whether you would buy one if it was available. Well, we had a massive response. The results were…

Would you buy the Orange SPV M3000 (HTC Wizard) if it was available in the UK?

– Yes, definitely. 841 (70%)

– Depends on pricing. 150 (12%)

– Not bothered either way. 144 (12%)

– No 61 (5%)

We had a total of 1,196 people take part in this vote. Many thanks to all of you. I’ll be passing your thoughts and opinions onto Orange UK. However, if you’re eager to get hold of exactly the same unit, albeit with a “T-Mobile” badge on, then you really do need to have a look at our T-Mobile MDA Vario review. It’s available from Mobile stores nationwide and from their telesales team on 08454 12 22 12.