News from the front – getting that M5000

News from the front   getting that M5000 As you’ll know already the Orange SPV M5000 is now available to purchase. Well, sort-of. At the moment it’s in pretty limited numbers and available to larger stores only. Also, it appears that only new customers are able to get one at present. However, Darren Mallinson has emailed in to say that it’s now been released for upgrades. Darren is lucky enough to be on an “Executive Office” call list (whatever that is), and Orange called this morning. Darren is detailing his experiences here at

Don’t forget to contact me with your stories on getting this handset. I’m currently working to get it available in our shop, so watch this space.

Update – Jonathan Adams has just called Orange and managed to get the M5000 on upgrade for £149.99.

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