Orange Launch the SPV C600 and M3000!

Orange Launch the SPV C600 and M3000! Yes, we’re the first site to bring you news on the official launch of two new Orange handsets. Orange UK have just contacted us to announce the launch of the Orange SPV C600 Smartphone and the Orange SPV M3000 Pocket PC-style phone. Both are compatible with speedy EDGE connectivity (unfortunately currently only available on Orange networks in France, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Belgium), however the M3000 does also have WiFi (802.11b) too.

We’re excited to see these new Signature devices now getting their official launch along with news that they should appear sometime before Christmas this year! As for prices, Orange say The SPV C600 will be available at sub €250 (£170 / $302) and the SPV M3000 at sub €350 (£238 / $423).

Orange will be the first operator in Europe to deliver a Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0-based smartphone.

UPDATE – Hmm – Where’s the UK release date for the M3000 ? Is the UK to be left out ? (Sob!)

Official Press release is below (click “read more” to see)




Orange launches Europe’s first Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone

and a new Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA


London, 27 October, 2005: Orange SA has expanded its Signature devices for business range with the launch of the SPV C600 smartphone and the SPV M3000, a wireless PDA. Both devices support high speed data access by using EDGE technology.


The launch of the C600 and M3000 gives Orange the widest range of mobile devices based on the Microsoft® operating system. The range ensures Orange business customers can easily connect their employees’ mobile devices to Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server, without additional software.


The SPV C600 allows customers to access their email, use their calendar and synchronise data with their desktop, as well as making calls and sending text messages in the usual way. The SPV M3000 offers customers the same ability to do business effectively while on the move, with the addition of a high quality PDA screen and a full keyboard.


Both devices are designed to ensure that doing business out of the office is simple and effective. Underpinning these key business features is the faster data rates that EDGE provides, giving customers faster access to their email and other business data via Orange’s high speed advanced EDGE networks in France, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Belgium. Quad-band compatibility ensures global network coverage, making both devices ideally suited for business travellers.


Orange is the first operator in Europe to deliver a Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0-based smartphone. Like its predecessor, the iconic SPV C500, the C600 sets the standard for smartphones with one click access to its broad range of key business features. The SPV C600 is designed and priced for high volume business sales, opening the way for companies to equip their entire workforce to do business remotely.  


The SPV M3000 is Orange’s second Windows Mobile 5.0 wireless PDA. It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard to make data entry fast and easy, without comprising on a compact form factor. The SPV C600 and SPV M3000 deliver excellent voice functionality, combined with feature-rich data capabilities that help companies unlock the potential in their businesses.


Both devices have built-in email and real time syncing with Microsoft Outlook, giving business customers immediate access to their diary, contacts and emails enabling them to manage their time and work productively wherever they are.  In addition, Windows Mobile 5.0 ensures the closest experience to the desktop version of Microsoft Office on a mobile device. A proven and reliable operating system, Windows Mobile 5.0 gives business users the type of functionality and applications they use on their Microsoft desktop PC.


As part of the Signature devices for business range, both models feature the unique Orange Homescreen, which is customised for business users. The Homescreen provides one click access to key business features including ActiveSync, File Explorer, Calculator and Notes. Customers also have the option to further personalise the menu to their individual requirements. The Homescreen ensures a straight forward and consistent user-experience across the entire range. For businesses the result is easier deployment, training and support – cutting mobile management costs and ensuring a smooth transition to a more mobile business.


“Devices like the C600 and M3000 are driving business mobility by giving people access to data when and where they need it. The key to really harnessing the potential of mobility however is to provide a broad choice of devices so businesses can select the one most relevant to any type of employee requirement. By offering an expanded range with a consistent operating interface, Orange is ensuring a customer centric experience and removing the complexity of managing their mobile device investment, regardless of size and diversity,” says Philippe Bernard, Executive Vice President, Orange Business Solutions.


Following in the footsteps of the top-selling SPV C500, the SPV C600 is launching across all Orange territories, with the SPV M3000 launching in France, Poland, Netherlands, Slovakia and Romania. The SPV C600 will be available at sub 250 and the SPV M3000 at sub 350.  Pricing will vary across territories according to local market conditions and contract value.


The SPV 600 and SPV M3000 bring Orange’s range of Windows Mobile-based devices to six models, three of which feature Windows Mobile 5.0. Both new devices offer embedded email functionality through POP3 and IMAP4 as well as real time syncing.


“We’re thrilled to see Orange launching the SPV M3000 and C600, which further extends Orange’s successful range of Windows Mobile devices,” said Marianne Roling, Director, Mobile & Embedded Devices Division, Microsoft EMEA.  “These devices are defining a brand new category of phones that offer users the familiar Windows look-and-feel with applications such as Office, MSN and Windows Media Player—all in one compact, stylish device.  Users can now be even more productive on the go and make the most of the multimedia capabilities of these devices.”


“The majority of businesses use the Microsoft platform in their office environment,” says Philippe Bernard, Executive Vice President, Orange Business Solutions. “Therefore many of our customers want Microsoft in their mobile environment too. That is why we work so closely with Microsoft to make sure we offer the widest and most advanced family of Microsoft-centric mobile devices.”


As part of the Signature devices for business range, both devices have undergone stringent testing against business performance criteria. Key business features of the devices include:


  • The Orange Homescreen

  • Access to email and PIM synchronisation via ActiveSync

  • Access to Pocket Microsoft Office applications including new Internet Explorer Mobile

  • An icon that provides one click access to the key applications required by business users

  • Long battery life (4 hours talk time, 6 days on standby)

  • Car kit

  • Stereo headset

  • Travel charger and international adaptor

  • USB sync and charge cable

  • Selection of screensavers, wallpapers and ringtones suited to business use


* Pricing will vary across territories according to local market conditions. 






SPV C600

The SPV C600 offers many of the same features as the popular SPV C500, plus a number of enhancements such as Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. In addition, EDGE gives users faster connections speeds (up to 247 kbps), aiding the sending and receiving of email and files.


Ease of use is improved with joystick control and an integrated in-box for email, text and multi-media messages and a longer life battery. The SPV C600 also has a break-through high resolution colour screen (320×240 pixel colour screen), a 1.3 mega pixel camera and a 64MB internal memory.  To help busy executives relax, it also features an MP3 and WAV music player and Windows Media Player 10 Mobile.


The SPV C600 will be available in France, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland from the end of October and in Romania, Belgium, Slovakia and Poland from the first week of November.





SPV M3000

A new connected PDA with an innovative design that features a slide out keyboard for easy data entry. It has a large high resolution (320×240 pixel) touch screen, that automatically switches from landscape to portrait display depending on its orientation.


Running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 the SPV M3000 offers mobile versions of familiar applications such as Microsoft Outlook as well as Internet Explorer Mobile, plus the convenience of using the same file formats (such .doc, .xls, .ppt). Combined with 128MB internal memory and support for additional external memory, it makes the SPV M3000 a powerful mini-computer for business users on the move. In addition to fast EDGE (up to 247 kbps), the SPV M3000 also supports WiFi connectivity (802.11b) to give users broadband mobile access. It also offers a 1.3 mega pixel camera and camcorder.


The SPV M3000 will be available in France from the end of October and in Poland, Netherlands, Slovakia and Romania from the first week of November.