Orange SPV M5000 Reviewed

Orange SPV M5000 Reviewed Andy Stevenson has sent a story in about this Orange SPV M5000 review at They’ve given it 8.2 out of 10. Surprisingly Orange are one of the last networks to release their HTC Universal variant. Indeed ZDNet have already reviewed the o2 version – the o2 XDA Exec – at the start of September. The conclusion of this new SPV M5000 review is therefore pretty similar, and we’re still not sure when Orange are going to start selling it.

“The convertible screen mechanism is remarkably effective, and we found ourselves automatically selecting the best mode of operation for different usage scenarios. After several weeks of real-world usage, we are prepared to put up with this device’s extra bulk and weight in return for the greater functionality it offers.”

Links – ZDNet SPV M5000 Review – Get the o2 XDA Exec version here.