CoolSmartPhone? Down? Nooo, never…

CoolSmartPhone? Down? Nooo, never...

Yes, there was a problem this morning. went down around 10AM UK time when some fool decided to add a domain onto my server. Unfortunately, this fool was me, and I forgot to check that everything had completely correctly – simply closing down the control-panel mid-flow. This caused the server to go all wobbly and dizzy (or, for the technical explanation read, “the HTTPD processed stopped to add the domain, but I stopped the process before it could restart”).

Having far too many windows open at once and doing too much at the same time is something I tend to do every day, so this was pretty much all my fault. It was fixed about 2 hours later when I opened the email and found tonnes of people saying, “AGh! It’s down! How will I survive without it!!!” ;)

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