SDA with a buldge in it’s trousers

SDA with a buldge in its trousers Smartphonethoughts have picked up on the FCC data of the T-Mobile SDA, which is set to appear on T-Mobile in the USA very soon. Over in Germany this particular handset is already out and about as the T-Mobile SDA II.. but wait.. what’s that bloody ridiculous buldge at the top ? It looks daft! Here in Europe any extra “buldges” for antennas are just not on, and there’s rarely a phone with a sticky-out aerial.

..but wait… this particular variant of the T-Mobile SDA will have compatibility for EDGE, Quad-band GSM and WiFi! Yes, WiFi! We’re still not sure if this fully explains the daft buldge, shown right, as the excellent Qtek 8310 includes Wifi without any funny buldge. We presume it’s to improve reception on the GSM network in the USA. Maybe it’s a funky air-intake or spoiler. 🙂

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