World Exclusive – Orange SPV C600 Preview

World Exclusive   Orange SPV C600 Preview Morning people ! Well, guess what I’ve got in my sweaty mitts? Yes, it’s a full preview of the Orange SPV C600. It’s a worldwide exclusive and it’s right here for you guys. It’s got Windows Mobile 5.0 and we reckon will be the first Smartphone to hit the market with WM 5.0 on-board. There’s also a mega-pixel camera and talk of this device eventually replacing the C500.

Get the full story, plus oodles of software-shots, close-up photos, details and more right here and remember where you read it first.

Link – Orange SPV C600 Preview

UPDATE – Many of you have asked when this is to be released. If I’m brutally honest, I have no idea at present! However, we will keep you posted (as ever) 🙂

UPDATE 2 – To answer the question, “Where did you get it from”. Actually, I did not take these photos and the source of this whole story will become clear in time. I don’t actually have a C600, I’m pretty happy with my C550 at the moment! 🙂