TV is changing – part 3

TV is changing   part 3 We previously did some stories on the evolution of TV here and here. Well, now it’s going to go another stage further with the implementation of IPTV – a new way of pushing TV down your broadband line. Sure, we’ve already got something like this, but with broadband speeds getting every faster it shouldn’t be too long before TV is sent down via satellite, cable, aerial AND broadband. There may be an opportunity for networks liek SKy TV to feed in an ethernet connection from the broadband line into their set-top boxes, allowing additional programming to be delivered.

This BBC news article is well worth reading and includes news on how things could change over the next few months and years. Don’t be surprised if – before too long – you’re watching stuff on the TV that you’d normally only ever find on strange streams across the internet! 🙂

Link – BBC News