Get Doom on your Smartphone – you deserve it!

Get Doom on your Smartphone   you deserve it! Friday again ? Already ? Right, time for a bit of fun. I wrote an article a few years ago about Doom – y’know, the pioneering 3D Shoot-em-up. Back then getting Doom running on your Smartphone was a tricky prospect at times. Now however it’s easier and essential for any self-respecting Smartphone owner to show off to their stoopid Nokia friends with a full non-Java version of Doom.

I’ve decided therefore to completely re-write and update my instructions on installing this excellent game, along with pictures and download links. Have a read and before you know it you’ll be blasting away with full sound and full-screen action (yes, the C550 does full screen too). Click here to start playing Doom!

I must mention here, who do a bang-up job of getting these 3D games (they’ve got loads more like Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein) down onto the Smartphone for free! Feel free to drop them a donation for their hard work.

Links –

Links – How to Install Doom!