The biggest thing possible in your trousers

The biggest thing possible in your trousers I’m a busy flippin’ bunny today. You should see the sweat pouring out of me as I beaver away on these news stories. One story I’ve been meaning to post something about is Microsofts’ Virtual Earth. It’s been available to browse on your PC for a bit (I blogged about it earlier) and now, thanks to this little CAB file you can experience planet earth from space across the web.

After installing the CAB onto your phone (click here if you need help), you simply connect onto t’internet (I’d recommend a nice fast pass-thru connection so that you use your PC’s web connection) and then you can zoom into someones’ back garden and see what underwear they’re wearing (*). Oh, and it’s free AND works in full screen on the newer SPV C550 handset. So neerrr..

Link – ViaVirtualEarth.comSmartphone CAB file downloadMicrosofts’ Virtual Earth
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* – You dirty perv.