Motorola Q coming Q1 2006 to Verizon USA?

Motorola Q coming Q1 2006 to Verizon USA? According to this story, the Motorola Q could well be appearing on Verizon Wireless in Q1 2006.

The news comes from a conference and a Motorola rep …

“Everything that I’ve read about the Moto Q has talked about a GSM device. Today, at a conference, I played with a Q that was connected to Verizon.

The Motorola rep said that they could launch CDMA or GSM phones in Q1 (I didn’t think to if he meant that they only had the resources to do one of those formats during Q1 or if he meant that they were ready for both formats at once). The CDMA phone has EV-DO; the GSM phone will be EDGE 10 only because there isn’t a big UMTS infrastructure in the U.S. yet.

The screen was very nice (there might have been a polarizing filter on top because it seemed to have a bit more contrast than I’d expect in a backlit LCD. The landscape layout was a bit weird inefficient because many of the lines on the home page don’t need a lot of width so much of that page was empty, yet scrolling was necessary to see everything.”

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