Orange SPV M5000 hits Orange website!

Orange SPV M5000 hits Orange website! Today Orange UK have put the much-anticipated SPV M5000 online in their shop, plus we have a preview of said device (the M5000 is built as the HTC Universal) over here at Jason Langridge’s Weblog. It’s interesting to note some of his comments…

“With the Soft keys and Windows Mobile 5.0 I’ve found myself pulling out the stylus much less frequently and actually driving the whole UI with my finger…. It is a really well built device and feels very solid… What is ultimately the coolest feature is simultaneous 3G and Voice capability – that is I can use my Universal as a 3G data modem whilst also talking on the telephone. (With Bluetooth headset)”

“The swivel screen like a Tablet PC allows you to close the screen and protect it when it isn’t in use and also is really handy if like me you listen to music on the device as you can close the screen preserving battery life whilst also allowing the Music to play on!”

The Orange SPV M5000 is labelled as “coming soon”. Given the 3G capabilities, megapixel camera and new Smartphone-esque operation PLUS Windows Mobile 5.0, it should sell like hot cakes.

Links – Orange SPV M5000 here at

Links – Orange M5000 Preview
Credit – Oliver, Eden Dwek and John

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