Another Podcast! Yes yes!

Another Podcast! Yes yes! Another lovely Podcast is now available for your audio tastebuds here. Check the frigger out now, or use the new “PodCast Preview” wotsit at the bottom of every excellent CoolSmartPhone page.

I’ll have my own radio show by the end of the year, I can see it ! I can see it!

By the way, this bike is a Grifter XL. I used to have one with a yellow horn thing on it that made Ambulance, Fire Engine and Police noises… ahhhh, them were the days… 🙂

Agh! I’m crossing into blog territory. This isn’t the place for such ramblings 🙂 Check out my flippin fantastic blog here (did I ever tell you lot how modest I am?)

Link – PodCast 9 Now Online here.