XML Feed, now with pictures!

XML Feed, now with pictures! I’ve fiddled around with the PHP code today and now hopefully, if I’ve done it right, the XML icons at the top should now feed you the appropriate content WITH pictures. Several people requested this, and I kept putting it off (as is my usual style), however you should now see pictures in your RSS reader, be it Newsgator or one of the other RSS readers.

The addition of the new pictures now means that if you’re reading a news item and I say, “Wow! Check out these exclusive shots of Gemma Atkinson in her underwear !!” … then, well.. you’ll actually be able to see them in your RSS reader… which is always helpful! 🙂

Oh, and the picture on the right is of the lovely lady herself, from UK Soap Hollyoaks.. Hubba hubba hubba!