Pantech coming to the USA

Pantech coming to the USA Just last week we ran a story about the cool new swivel-screen clamshell Pantech PH-S8000T handset. We run these stories, but sometimes the phone doesn’t make its’ way across to Europe or America. However, according to this could very well happen, as Pantech have now been approved to supply phones to Verizon Wireless in the USA. Hopefully this will mean that you’ll see the Pantech PH-S8000T appear under some other name on the Verizon network very soon. say…

“Pantech & Curitel has been approved to supply new handsets directly to Verizon Wireless beginning next quarter. Pantech & Curitel is Korea’s second largest handset manufacturer. In addition to selling handsets under their own brand in Asia, the company’s phones are also re-badged; in the US they are often sold by UT Starcom / Audiovox. Pantech is reportedly seeking distribution deals with Virgin Mobile, Alltel and Metro PCS as well, and is already providing test units to Sprint.”

Additional pictures of the device can be found here.

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