HTC Wizard – Umm.. now called the SPV M600?!

HTC Wizard   Umm.. now called the SPV M600?! After the hot news about the HTC Wizard yesterday we have some more news about it. According to sources, this device won’t be called the SPV M3000, but rather the SPV M600. This would actually make more sense as the M600 is in fact the M500 with a keyboard on.

Day by day it HTC churn out yet more fantastic devices. They’re incredibly flexible in the design and features they can add in. Indeed, this article takes info from the FCC site showing several variants of the same device. They’re known here as the “WIZA” range, after the HTC Wizard device. There’s the WIZA 100, which is a Pocket PC Phone with keyboard, 1.3 mega pixel camera and WiFi plus a slightly different squarer design. Then we have the WIZA 110, which appears to target business users, it has a camera version and one without camera. Lastly there’s the WIZA 200 which is the HTC Wizard as we know it. More pictures and detail can be found here and from the source direct at

There’s speculation that some will include 802.11g – up to 54Mbps!

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