Orange SPV C600 – Is this it?

Orange SPV C600   Is this it? It looks like the Orange SPV C600 rumour mill has kicked into gear again. You may remember our story which forecasted it plus the this earlier picture from Well, now have got a picture of it (right) plus this story with exclusive news of the handset.

This translated article features a shot of the C600, which does indeed look very much like a HTC built handset with a screen-size and hardware (1.3 mega pixel cam) similar to the C550, but with all the characteristics of the C500. However, we have had information to say that this this handset has been seen elsewhere badged as the C500 a long time ago, plus it’s also been seen by some with a Pocket PC homescreen. So, what is it? Well, who knows. Either way, there’s two soft-keys under the main screen like the C500, the keyboard layout is similar to the C500 and the joystick (ala E200) has returned.

I’m hearing rumours that this will have Windows Mobile 5.0 on-board, plus I’m hearing lots of gossip about “big things to come”. Either way – whether this is a C600 or not, it looks like Orange are on a serious mission!

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Don’t forget that you can now buy the Orange SPV C550 here and the Orange SPV M500 here.