New T-Mobile SDA to come in September

New T Mobile SDA to come in September This T-Mobile Press Release, which goes on about the new T-Mobile Web’n’Walk service, has a note about a new T-Mobile SDA Smartphone…..

“Around September, T-Mobile is due to introduce a fourth web’n’walk device, the new SDA model, which will attract above all a mass market. This full-size smart phone will have an optimized Internet browser for even faster surfing on the open Internet. T-Mobile also has plans to greatly expand its web’n’walk mobile device portfolio in the coming months.”

All good news. Now, I did try and get some more definite information on what handset this will be (I’m guessing that it’ll be the SDA II) but T-Mobile UK are a bit difficult to talk to at the best of times, so I’ve given up trying to get info from them now. The SDA and the SDA Music are available in Germany at the moment but here in the UK it’s just the SDA – which is a lovely polished black handset and with dedicated “t-Zones” and email buttons.

More info – T-Mobile Press Release – Web’n’Walk