Un-happy slapping

Un happy slapping I mentioned happy slapping some weeks back and how it had been picked up by the media. Known as “Happy Slapping”, it is in fact just bullying at best, or mugging at worst.

The Crazy Frog generation appear to have started this (yes, he’s at number 1 again) …

Un happy slapping

… and have taken to filming their attacks, or sending picture-messages to either laugh at their victims later. Another “idea” these idiots have now had is to bully people by sending picture-messages to people in an attempt to threaten them or worse. Again, this is a stupid and disgusting pass-time. I must also reiterate my advice that anyone sending videos into CoolSmartPhone for inclusion in the downloads section will have their content deleted automatically if it contains any “happy slapping” type material.

Luckily, following even more press coverage, children’s charity NCH and Tesco Mobile have setup a website called StopTextBully.com which gives advice and help for anyone encountering this. Photo messages, emails and chat-rooms are also covered and there’s a lot of good content on there.

Link – StopTextBully.com