Skype comes to the Smartphone

Skype comes to the Smartphone Well, sort-of – it doesn’t support voice yet. You’ll also need to plug your SmartPhone into your PC (ActiveSync) to avoid a big GPRS bill. It’s a bit of a shame that the voice hasn’t been implemented yet, as it’d make the SmartPhone into a “SkypePhone” like the one I mentioned here when you’re cabled it to your PC.

It’s an early beta version, picked up by here and it proves our earlier story which stated that the Skype guys are commited to building a Smartphone version of their product!

Skype allows incredibly cheap or free calls – get more info in this article and in our Orange SPV M2000 review (Skype is already available for Pocket PC). Skype is a peer-to-peer technology and will use bandwidth even when you’re not on a call, so using this on GPRS would be a bit mental.

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