MPx or MPx220 as a free gift!?

MPx or MPx220 as a free gift!? Hmm.. this seems almost too good to be true, but apparently, according to you can get an MPx or an Mpx220 – or another pre-release handset as a free gift !!! The catch ? Well, you have to refer 5 other people to their site and they must purchase something. To quote their site (a few grammar problems corrected in brackets!!)…

“…giving away (a) free gift is (to) encourage our customer(s) (to) refer their friend to us and purchase our product. You will receive our free gift when your name reaches the top of the list and the list filled with certain amount of products sold. Your name will move upwards once when your referral purchased our products and move up every time a new free gift is sent out…. for the free gift list need 5 people purchase our products.”

Lost? Well, check out this page here which tells you how it works.

The company it US based and will probably only deal with US customers, however this may be at least one way of getting your hands on an MPx and MPx220!?!