Strange story of the day

Strange story of the day Over at MoDaCo today there’s an interview with the developer of top shoot-em-up Eclipse (available here). If you wanna have a read of the transcript with head honcho “Muff” just click here.

While we’re on the subject of Muff, here’s an intreresting story featuring a rather inventive way of hiding a stolen mobile phone. Ruxandra Gardian decided to steal a phone from a busy restaurant in Romania. Unfortunately a customer spotted her grabbing the phone and pointed her out to police. Police questionned the 34-year-old without success and were about to let her go when eventually a rather more intelligent person suggested that they call the mobile phone. (Dear me, you have to worry about the police in Romania don’t you eh?)

“On dialling the number they heard a sound coming from under Gardian’s clothes and took her to police headquarters to be strip-searched,” the report continues.

After a search the mobile was found stuffed .. errmmm.. well, I’m sure you can guess where it was stuffed. If I said, “perhaps she got it mixed up with her Tampax” ?

Officer Aurel Popescu commented: “I’ve seen a lot in my time as a policeman but never anything like this.”

Rather un-surprisingly, the owner of the stolen handset refused to take the device back. He said that the phone was “damaged beyond repair and he would be filing an insurance claim”. Now that I’d like to see on an insurance form!

(Queue jokes about the phone being on vibrate mode etc)