CoolSmartPhone makes the news

CoolSmartPhone makes the news It seems CoolSmartPhone is in the news itself, albeit only on the web.

As an IT type person myself, I regularly trawl a number of sites aimed at like-minded profesionals. One such site is, who are highly regarded as a source of news and information regarding all things IT. I happened to notice today they are running a story ( about a new Orange SPV C550….. I wonder where they got that from? 😉

Note from Gears – Blimey ! This has kicked off big style, and I wanna thank those who sent in the info on this handset. We’ve now been featured on El Reg plus and SmartphoneBlast and and TechDigest and! and, although I must state that this C550 handset is not a replacement for the C500, it’s merely to complement the range.