Newgen D2000W with QVGA and Wi-Fi!

Newgen D2000W with QVGA and Wi Fi! MoDaCo have picked up this story showing the new Newgen D2000W. If you don’t want to translate, try visiting the site itself here and have a butchers.

It’s a slide-design and looks very nice indeed. It comes with a very quick Intel PXA272 CPU 400MHz processor, 128Mb RAM, Windows Mobile 2003 SE, a 240X320 (QVGA) screen, Wi-fi (whoo!) and 1.3Mega pixel VGA digital camera with video recorder/playback and digital zoom function. Hang on.. wait a minute.. AGH! There’s no Bluetooth! In the bin it goes, along with the Voq. Before this Newgen phone comes to market it MUST be fitted with Bluetooth, otherwise it will fail.

We’ve never heard of Newgen if we’re honest, but until a few years ago we’d never heard of HTC, so lets hope Newgen have a solid impact on the mobile phone world!

More info – this story or visit this page for full specs.

Large picture available here.