Nokia gets Windows Mobile

Nokia gets Windows Mobile A tiny little outfit calling themselves “Nokia” (never heard of them, have you?) may well be getting the mobile Windows Media Player on their devices very soon, according to this Nokia press release. In it, music delivery solution “Loudeye” is used in conjunction with Windows Media Player to bring full-length songs direct to your phone.

“(The) Loudeye music solution offers the necessary elements to enable operators to launch a comprehensive mobile music service for their customers.. Not only does it support wireless music downloads but it has strong PC support through its collaboration with Microsoft, which is crucial for reliable storage and synchronization.”

Amir Majidimehr, corporate vice president of the Windows Digital Media Division for Microsoft, stated…

“Microsoft has long enjoyed a strong and fruitful partnership with Loudeye in the digital music space and we are excited to now be working with Nokia to help deliver this comprehensive mobile digital music platform.”

Users will be able to purchase songs and download them to phone and PC quickly, with cash taken via their mobile phone bill. Windows Media Player suits this scenario perfectly due to it’s Digital Rights Management (DRM), which will prevent sharing of files.

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