More on TIM and the Motorola MPx220

More on TIM and the Motorola MPx220 Friedrich has emailed in regarding my earlier story on the TIM network picking up the MPx220. It would appear that I got a few bits wrong. Mainly, I had trouble translating stuff because the site is actually in Portuguese, not Spanish.. DOAH.

Anyway, Friedrich goes on to say…

“TIM is TELECOM MOBYLE ITALIA, the largest mobile phone company around the world today. Brazil TIM is one of first networks to have the Motorola MPx220 phone.”

Unfortunately Friedrich isn’t too impressed with the support from the TIM network with regards to this handset. Probably because it is so new, there’s a lack of information when selling or supporting it in Brazil. TIM were also apparently not aware about the new 1.30 firmware and deny it exists, so Friedrich is sending them the link to the Motorola site here.

“In Brazil the rom manufaturer firmware is still 0.325.0-0 (I bought my phone in January) and the last Rom seems to be the 1.16.”

The same appears to be happening with European Motorola MPx220s. Although the recent Motorola Firmware update is good news for US Cingular users, it seems to fail when you try and update a European (bought from or Brazilian TIM handset. So.. can we expect this new 1.3 OS to be rolled out across the other MPx220 handsets? Let’s hope so.