Motorola MPx220 – New OS and more info

Motorola MPx220   New OS and more info

Yes, another news item on the MPx220. :) Although here in Europe the MPx220 is yet to make its mark, it’s interesting to see what’s coming. The 220 has a megapixel camera, bluetooth and is Motorolas’ second clamshell Windows Mobile phone after the very successful MPx200. The one I’ve got my hands on is available from Expansys for quite a bit of dosh (click here for the direct link) but you’ll be able to use it on any network and there’s versions available for each country / Union. Hopefully soon we’ll see this clamshell appear on a major network in Europe!

To answer the question .. “What software version is it?” .. which a few of you have asked me, here’s some screenshots from the “About” page on the phone. This handset has the latest Manufacturer Version ( which became available direct from Motorola today. As I said previously, it looks to have ironed out a lot of the earlier gremlins.

Motorola MPx220   New OS and more infoMotorola MPx220   New OS and more infoMotorola MPx220   New OS and more info

What’s also interesting about this handset is that, while using the ActiveSync Remote Control software, you can see the picture you’re taking and almost use the phone as a web-cam. Check it out in action below…

Motorola MPx220   New OS and more info Motorola MPx220   New OS and more info

You can also see some screenshots from the Start menu on this MPx220 below. This shows some of the applications on the MPx220 and what they do etc. Just click “read more” to see them if you can’t already.

Motorola MPx220   New OS and more infoMotorola MPx220   New OS and more info

You can see above the various camera / video camera applications, the video player and photoalbums are pretty self explanatory too. The File Viewer is a simple phone explorer program that allows you to run programs, move files around etc. The Media Center collects everything – your Images, Videos, Audio and even the Ringtones all into one place so that you can access them easily.

On the next page.. is .. erm.. another File Manager. This one is slightly more useful that the File Viewer App. Games and Apps gives you access into Java Games.

The SPeech Recognition is .. well, I think it’s faily trick to get started with, but that could be my funny accent I guess (Ummmm BONGO!!!!!)

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