Mobile Photography Developments

Mobile Photography Developments Marc Wintle has been emailing me for a few days now about a new service from BonusPrint which prints your Smartphone photos or puts them into an online gallery. I’ve been a little slow to pick up on it and it’s now been mentioned elsewhere (see this MSMobiles story for pics), however it is worth downloading the software and giving it a go.

Traditional photo developers have had a rough time recently. Hardly anyone uses film any more, and even when we do want to put our spanky digital photos onto paper, we use a printer or send it off to an internet printing companies like PhotoBox. This is why BonusPrint have launched their BonusPrintMobile service, which runs as a small application on your phone. Take a snap, send it via GPRS to your online album or get it printed.

Click here to try out the BonusPrint software (free trial). Oh, and PhotoBox have something a little similar here which allows you to do almost the same without loading any software. The PhotoBox method works by taking a photo, then sending it as a MMS to a special number, where it then gets added to your gallery account online.

Credits – Marc Wintle