Fizz Traveller 2.0 – Smartphone – New Release

Fizz Traveller 2.0   Smartphone   New Release

Fizz Traveller 2.0 – Smartphone – New Release
Voted Best “Designed for Windows Mobile™” Application 2004

Welcome to the award winning Fizz Traveller 2.0
Your feature packed travel mate. Some of the best weather forecasts ever seen on a Microsoft mobile device can now be displayed on your Mobile Home Screen. Over 56000 world locations,  world times , world alarms, daylight maps, itinerary trip help, currency conversions, general conversions, new graphics, themes, new simple interface & home screen support – this product is your essential everyday and travel tool. Localised in : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian & Dutch



• 6 Languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian & Dutch
• Weather
forecasts for over 56000 global cities
Weather maps, satellite overlay maps, 2 day forecasts, 5 day forecasts
Airports delays for your chosen favourite cities local airports ** based on weather conditions.
Mobile Homescreen support for your 6 chosen favourite cities – time and weather forecasts displayed.
World Times can be displayed on a large clock or display your 6 favourite cities & weather together.
Alarms can be set for any city.  An unlimited number of alarms, with many repeating options.
Interface graphics can be set by using our new theme support, or change backgrounds, clocks, clock hands etc.
Daylight map shows the light and dark parts of the planet.
Currency conversions with daily updated rates.
General conversions – convert many different elements such as temperature, length, weight…
Itinerary/todo lists with filter support. See all, completed or incomplete tasks/items.

Award Winning – Free Trial
Fizz Traveller 2.0 includes a free 5 day trial.
Use the product for free, all elements, full access for 5 full days.

Pocket PC magazine – “Best Travel Tool – 2004
Microsoft – “Best Smartphone Application – 2004″

No Hidden Costs
Your purchase gives you free updates to all Fizz Traveller 2.x versions.
No extra hidden costs. No “Premium Service costs”. Full access to all items in the product.

Upgraded from version 1.x
If you purchased our previous version after 1st Oct 2004 you will be entitled to a FREE upgrade.
If you purchased before the 1st Oct 2004, you can upgrade your serial number here.

Mobile Device Home Screen
For users with a Windows Mobile 2003 device – see your 6 favourite cities time and weather forecasts on your home screen.

Themes Galore – and more coming – or make your own !!
Change the look of Fizz Traveller with our theme interface. A set of predefined themes can be chosen – or if you feel like it – mix and match skins, clock faces, clock hands and text colors to design your own – perfect interface.


Free Product – Fizz Bill Now
All Fizz Software users are entitled to Fizz Bill Now – Free of charge.

For more information on Fizz Bill Now or any other Fizz Product see our site

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