Fizz Traveller 2.0 – Beta

Fizz Traveller 2.0   Beta


Fizz software are looking to beta test Fizz Traveller 2.0 in a week or so. If you’d be interested in taking part, have a look at the Fizz Traveller 2.0 beta page.

outbind://41-0000000080BB27547C29CA4C9D1559810C526814843A7F00/beta/index.htmFizz Traveller 2.0   Beta

The new version is packed with features, here are just a few :

  • Smaller product size, smaller memory footprint
  • Brand new interface based on customer feedback
  • Themes, skins, clock faces, clock hand styles, colors, graphic transparent features.
  • New fully async communications
  • Better weather maps – including new satellite overlay map
  • Airport delays
  • Home screen plugin supporting your favorite world city date and times, 2 day and 5 day weather forecasts. ( Home screen for 2003 devices only )
  • No Fizz Application Engine required.

This new version will be a free upgrade for all customers who purchased Fizz Traveller 1.2 after the 1st October 2004. For all other customers there will be a small upgrade charge.

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