Agile Messenger version 3.. but not for Windows Smartphone yet…

Agile Messenger  version 3.. but not for Windows Smartphone yet... Agile Messenger is your solution to multiple instant-messaging programs. It’ll allow you to log in to Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ Messenger, AOL Messenger and Windows Messenger – all from one program on your Smartphone.

Version 3 of this excellent utility includes a split-screen feature with separate tabs to view multiple conversations, full conversation history and support for emoticons………. however…. it doesn’t appear to be available for the Windows Smartphone yet.. DOAH! Hell, it’s a good reason to download version 2 ain’t it ?

Agile Messenger is available as a free download at!

Source – – Full press release below..

Agile Messenger 3.0 Delivers Next Generation

Instant Messaging for Mobile Devices

Featuring Multimedia and patent-pending Push-to-Talk technology for mobile-to-PCs



New York (September 28, 2004) –, a privately owned developer of mobility enabling software and solutions, has launched its next generation instant messaging service for mobile devices – Agile Messenger 3.0. The innovative messaging client supports simultaneous connectivity with the public IM networks of ICQâ, AIMâ, Yahoo!â, MSNâ, QQâ and Wireless Village™, and features a more dynamic user interface and international patent-pending Push-to-Talk technology for mobile-to-mobile and mobile-PC multimedia communication.


Agile Messenger 3.0’s new feature set was based on actual end-user feedback from many of Agile Messenger’s more than 400,000 registered worldwide users. Agile Messenger 3.0 is available as a free download at for a limited time.


Agile Messenger 3.0 provides a stable and reliable solution for instant messaging via mobile devices, where users can connect with multiple IM accounts simultaneously utilizing a single interface that runs in the background of their mobile device. New multimedia messaging capabilities allow content-rich communication between users, including voice and image, or short video messaging in phones equipped with cameras.


The new proprietary Push-to-Talk technology allows users to send voice messages from their mobile device – much the same way a walkie-talkie works – which is received by their existing IM contacts or buddies on their mobile phones or PC. If a recipient is offline, the voice message is stored and can be retrieved the next time they sign in.   


The new interface of Agile Messenger 3.0 includes a split-screen feature with separate tabs to view multiple conversations, full conversation history and support for emoticons. All conversations are supported with native language characters, using Unicode and BIG5 encoding.


Agile Messenger 3.0 is clearly the most feature-rich, versatile Instant Messaging solution currently available to mobile users. No other service is comparable in terms of end-user experience and reliability,” said Timon Haringa, Technical Director of “Agile Messenger 3.0 delivers seamless interoperability and connectivity with all leading platforms and standards, and is available to virtually any mobile handheld device.” supports industry standards, and is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance. The award-winning Agile Messenger 3.0 is available for all Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Palm, JAVA, Brew and WAP enabled devices. Full technical specifications and additional information are available at