Yet another glowing C500 review

Yet another glowing C500 review have reviewed the Orange SPV C500. take a more business-centric view of the C500 and therefore test it against company needs and wants.

I have to disagree with some of it, as most tasks and criticisms could be solved by using Remote Control or Wizards. Criticisms such as…

“IT managers may find configuring the SPV for user email accounts a long-winded process. Entering an email address can be laborious with the numeric keypad, as symbols such as ‘.’ and ‘@’ must be selected from a special menu. We also found passwords tricky, as the phone renders password characters into asterisks as you enter them. This is a standard security practice, but phone keypad input methods such as T9 predictive text can result in a different character being entered than the one intended.”

These comments are easily sorted, plus I have to point out their glaringly obvious error in the review. At one point they say…

“We found the SPV C500’s 220×176 screen bright and easy to read, and it occupies about half of the area of the handset’s fascia.”

Then, under “cons” they list..

“Smallish screen”

Which kinda goes against what they’d said earlier….. HoWeVeR… they give it a smashing 4 out of 5 anyways, which is well deserved.

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