EXCLUSIVE – AIM Announces Space Balls!

EXCLUSIVE   AIM Announces Space Balls! AIM are to announce “Space Balls” tomorrow, but we’ve managed to get a bit of a scoop. Priced at only $4.99 (about £2.81), it’s a fantastic classic action puzzle game which is extremely addictive and fun to play.

You must defend your planetoid by blasting all coloured space balls into oblivion. Then, if 4 or more balls of the same colour touch each other, they are annihilated. So use this knowledge to your advantage and try to survive as long as possible. Don”t forget to go for the COMBOS, because they will bring you a highscore ! One last advice before you dive into this space adventure: “Beware of the black holes !” Sounds easy, doesn”t it? Just you wait and see…!

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