AtomicLava New Version

AtomicLava New Version You may have read our earlier stories about AtomicLava – it’s ruddy brilliant. We love it. It allows you to “blog” your life from your phone. This may sound bizarre, but it does offer a very quick way to take a picture on your Windows Smartphone, then plonk it online within seconds – along with comments, details and even a feedback utility. The guys responsible for it have just updated the client (which runs on your phone to make it all possible). Their email is below…

“Just a quick note to announce that a new version of the Smartphone client is available from You can install it by pointing your cellphone’s browser at that link.  N.B. it must be installed on phone memory, not SD etc and requires Windows Mobile 2003 or better.  The new features in this build are:

  • Support for Windows Mobile 2003 cellphones (e.g. SPV c500, Motorolla MPx220)
  • Setting to choose which folder to look for pictures in
  • The ability to take a picture from the camera from within the New Post window (thanks, Neil!)
  • An RSS browser to enable viewing of posts and comments on the AtomicLava site


As a sidenote, the new Orange SPV c500 really rocks (I’m not an MVP neither do I work for MS or Orange) – finally the promiss of the platform has been realised in the form of a faster e200 in the shape of a T610 with great battery life, features (eg built in file explorer), better camera, better keys & joystick and a free upgrade in a lot of cases.  Highly recommended.


Go forth and moblog!


James and the team