C500 Update Number 2

C500 Update Number 2 Matt Gough has just emailed me…

“I went into the Orange shop in Leeds city centre today, to ask when the C500 will be available. To my surprise the assistant said ‘It’s in next Wednesday (18th Aug), we received a demo one today though, do you want a look?'”

“I had a look at it and even took some photos of random people in the shop! It looks nice, feels nice, and I’m sure as hell gonna get one.
The only sticking point is the colour, the one I looked at was black, and the assistant claimed to know nothing about a silver model.”

Well, there is a silver model.. however I think initially it’ll be the black ones which are out and about more. To be honest, I don’t mind – bloody crackin’ phone no matter what colour.

Brian from SmartPhoneAdvice has more info on this too. It’s great news and means that you all get chance to play with one and review it yourselves!! 🙂 This weekend – get down to your local Orange shop (just click here to find your nearest Orange Shop) and try one out !!

EDIT – All orders for Orange SPV C500’s with our friends at FoneTastic should arrive before Wednesday or Thursday next week (18th and 19th)!! Click here for an EXCELLENT DEAL on an Orange SPV C500