MPx220 Preview available

MPx220 Preview available Nah, I’m not previewing it (like I’d be THAT lucky!), but we have an article from here. It’s all in German, so there’s a Babelfish translation here for you.

The review and some other reports state that the MPx220 will be available in THREE colours – silver, gold/brown (this is the one we’ve been seeing a lot of recently) and ….PINK!!! Come on peeps – who wants a big pink ‘un?! 🙂

It’s good to see that a caller can be allocated a picture, then this picture gets displayed in full colour on the outer screen. Fellow MVP Andreas Erle also shows an example of the camera quality in this early pre-production model, it’s not terrific – as we’ve seen – however it does go up to 1280×960 pixels. The picture quality has been much talked about, as the shot of the plant-pot in the review here shows, it isn’t that fantastic in this test model, with colours changing wildly. I’m pegging my hopes on this inside info, which states that “The MPX220 will be released in August. It will undergo FCC approval later this month. They are currently working on perfecting the camera in the ROM. The camera has vastly improved in just the last week.”

Source – (English translation here).