Handsets handsets …

Handsets handsets ... My bruv asked me what phone was best to upgrade to – naturally I said the E200, as he wants one NOW and doesn’t want to wait. However, he’s been to around 10 mobile phone shops and couldn’t get one. In fact, in order to upgrade for free he’s had to go to Orange direct. This comes as the MPx200 slowly vanishes too, so we’re waiting… eagerly.. for the SPV C500 and the Motorola handsets.

However, we’re getting news that the Mitac Mio 8390 will be coming to the UK too! Excellent news!

This.. this is the waiting game. The C500 is coming soon, that much we’re sure – in fact – “any day now”. However, the MPx220 and the MPx100 (which has been rumoured to be on hold) are still to be given the full green light onto a network. If you’re waiting for the C500, don’t forget that you can sign up for info here.