MPx220 – Latest manual and video now available

MPx220   Latest manual and video now available First up, I gotta say thanks to the … 18 people who’ve contributed (see this earlier story) to the up-keep of the site. It means a LOT, and I hope that a couple more of you good peeps could do the same 🙂

Anyway, enough of my grovelling.. The latest scoop on the MPx220 has come recently from and now has the very latest manual AND a video of the MPx220 here.

The video is a whopping 14.2Mb in size, but well worth the download. It shows the darker model of the MPx220 range (there’s to be a silver and a black device). I may try and spend time trying to get the movie a tad smaller so everyone can get chance to see it (see the things I do for you lot? hehehe)

My comments – The camera preview is quite slow on the model shown. We’ve been told that the MPx220 is a tad delayed because the camera has improved greatly in the past few days and weeks. The video also shows the flash light on the front of the handset, which gets over the M A J O R obstacle of low-light problems on existing Windows Mobile handsets!

Other comments – The outer screen is a lot clearer than previous images / videos have made out, I’m growing to like it! Other stuff I like ? THE VOICE COMMAND and the REPLY from the handset – it talks back to you, “Say the name or number…” it says… “did you say Bob?” – I like this…. Now – I’m not a geek – I try not to be anyway… but this reminds me of that computer thing in Star Trek – The Next Generation (OH MY GOD !!! I’ve mentioned Star Trek on !!!!! THE SHAME! THE SHAME!!!)

I also like how the mysterious camera-man (it’s Lutzh I think) pushes the Nokia 6210 out of the way too. 🙂

UPDATE – I’ve added a 2.7Mb version of this movie for those with slightly slower connections (get rock solid broadband guys – hit the link on the right!) – click here for the smaller version!

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