MPx220 – Full Confirmation from Motorola at last!

MPx220   Full Confirmation from Motorola at last! Absolute, concrete, solid, 100%, definite PROOF that the MPx220 exists is now available here at It’s now officially announced on their website, so it’s all go !

Official pictures are now available here and the announcement comes on the first day of TechEd in Amsterdam. After leaked announcements, videos and me begging Moto for an announcment (plus me placing a 12p bet that it’d be announced tomorrow – DAMN!) it now appears that it’s the real deal. This comes after our super-douper exclusive ermm.. “leaked” shots back back in February.

Full press release here.

Full pictures here at

Oh, and don’t ask me why the Press Release says, “Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 operating system”, then goes onto say, “Smartphone OS”. I think it needs checking – it also gives a release date for the “MPx” so I think this press release is probably a trimmed-down release regarding both the MPx and the MPx220 but has not been edited correctly.

I’ve uploaded the full press release in Word format here (log in first).

Update – are at TechEd, where the MPx220 is being shown in public – you can see pictures here now!! You can see the flash/light operating, it’s size in comparison with the MPx200, accessory lists and much much more.

Picture right from Motorola @ TechEd. Source –

Update 2 – Check out these comparitive shots of the MPx220 in black and silver.