Smartphone Virus Protection

Smartphone Virus Protection It seems that the latest Smartphone virus, which affected Symbian Smartphones (not your Windows Mobile handset!), has ruffled a few feathers.

According to this article Microsoft is to build-in virus protection in future versions of Windows Mobile for Smartphones. In a chat, Mike Wehrs, director of technology and standards for Microsoft’s Mobile Devices Division said….

“If something is found and is identified as a vulnerability, we can distribute updated code for the phone over the internet and over the air. We try to short-circuit how fast the virus spreads by updating it [the OS] in the field.”

However, the article goes on to state that…….

“[Mike] is skeptical such en-masse patching would be necessary, as malicious programs stand “remote chances” of bypassing the Smartphone OS’s digital certification feature.”

Source and more info – this article