Neil discusses CoolSmartPhone

Neil discusses CoolSmartPhone Ok, so that’s not quite right. Neil Enns (Lead Program Manager, Mobile Devices at Microsoft) talks about what makes the Smartphone cool in this MS Channel 9 video.. Bagh – to think I gave him $20 to mention CoolSmartPhone in one of his videos. Damn!!!

Neil mentions the two coolest things he loves about his MS Smartphone – the Motorola MPx200. One is being able to use IM whilst taxi-ing on a plane. It’s interesting to mention this – on any transatlantic / or european flight I’ve ever taken, if you use the phone in ANY WAY shape or form whilst the engines are running, then you’re given a seriuous ticking off by the Cabin Crew. However, in the states (as I’ve found) it appears to be fine to call and use the phone whilst going to the runway or to the terminal. Strange, and even stranger when I fly in America and the security on the aircraft is not as good as here in Europe – even after September 11th….

Wo-hoaaa there – I’ve gone from being funny to making a serious political point. Shite. It’s not often that happens! I’ll be talking about invisible weapons of mass destruction next…. 😉

Get the video here.