A quick look at the headlines..

A quick look at the headlines.. Today is Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, and I believe the US is off too for Memorial Day. Now, because I’m currently sitting in the garden (check out that wi-fi baby), I’ve not posted much today. However, it’s interesting to read this MoDaCo.com story about continuing problems when using your Smartphone to interface with Exchange 2003. The handset (E200) continues to check for mail even if you tell it NOT to. Unfortunately this happens with some webpages too. If you go to a page which has a “meta refresh” in, such as our test page here, then your handset will go back to that page when told, even if you’ve come out of PIE (Pocket Internet Explorer) – and thus you’ll get charged for the GPRS. Go on, give it a try. Pick up your handset and browse to www.coolsmartphone.com/refresh.htm.

Don’t forget the other annoying, “this needs sorting now” bug that we’ve mentioned before but is still noticeable on the two new HTC Voyager ROM updates. Yes, the E200 / QTek 8080 is still crippled by the “I’ll read the SD card when I feel like it” bug.

Both the Exchange 2003 bug and the SD card reading bug need fixing IMMEDIATELY. I can’t understand how new ROM’s are still coming out with these bugs still in! 🙁 Time after time I see the message “Can’t find ‘(Program name)’. Make sure the path and filename are correct” .. a quick eject and re-insert of the SD card fixes it, but it happens too much. 🙁

Ah well, a bit of good news – the final version of Binarys SmartExplorer, loaded with full bluetooth funtionality to allow file transfers, can be downloaded directly from their site here. It kicks butt, so grab yourself a copy and give it a try.