OQO – No more Pocket PC?

OQO   No more Pocket PC? It’s not often – if ever – that I post news about stuff that’s not related to the MS Smartphone, but after seeing that Gary at GadgetAddict.com has taken ownership of his OQO, I think it’s well worth a mention.

What is the OQO ? Well, it’s a tiny – and I mean TINY – PC. Not a laptop, not a Pocket PC, this has a 5 INCH screen with a keyboard that slides behind it. It’s a FULLY FUNCTIONAL computer, running Windows XP. It has bluetooth, a 20Gb hard drive, wi-fi and heaps more – all in an ultra-tiny handheld device.

Visit GadgetAddict.com to see what it looks like, or check out the video of this exciting device here at the OQO site.

But wait – what about Pocket PC ? How does this compete against the OQO ? With the OQO you don’t need to “sync” anything, because you’re carrying around your PC all the time, plus you can drop it in a docking station and use it with a monitor and full sized keyboard. Sure, the OQO only has a 1Ghz processor, but who cares? It fits in your pocket and runs Windows XP !

Some challenging times ahead for Pocket PC ….