Battle Dwarves – COOL!

Battle Dwarves   COOL! Infinite Ventures, Inc. launches strategy-action game for Microsoft Smartphones.

Purcellville, VA, May 24th, 2004 — Infinite Ventures, Inc. announced the worldwide release today of Battle Dwarves, a fast-paced and fun strategy-action game for Microsoft Smartphones including the Motorola MPx200, Orange SPV, and Samsung i600.

“Taking full advantage of the graphic capabilities of the Microsoft Smartphone, Battle Dwarve’s strategic aspects, usher a new level of fun and challenging game play to this versatile phone”, announced Eugene Evans, president of Infinite Ventures. “Smartphone owners looking for strategy-action with a comedic twist will enjoy sparring with dwarven armies alone, or against up to three other players.

Battle Dwarves is available for $9.99 and joins Infinite Ventures’ growing line of Smartphone games Ba-Boom!™, Drive-Thru Poker™, and Tetranoid™. Infinite Ventures’ games are available for download from .

Coinciding with the release of the Smartphone version is an update of the Pocket PC version, with improved game play. Owners of the existing game can use their current registration number with the new download. The Pocket PC version is on promotion for $9.99 the remainder of May to coincide with the Smartphone release.

About Battle Dwarves

Battle Dwarves is an action-strategy game designed for the Smartphone and Pocket PC. Players are challenged to take-on the tactics and weapons of the six unique teams of Battle Dwarves. Select from up to twenty awesome weapons of dwarf destruction from bazookas and frag grenades to nail guns and napalm. Players battle across six distinctly different terrains building resources in order to obtain more awesome weaponry. Take the challenge on your own, or in multiplayer action with up to four players, each taking turns. A free trial copy of Battle Dwarves for Smartphone and Pocket PC, as well as the full version is available now for download from

Buy it here at Handango.