All-Backup Released

All Backup Released ALL-Backup is a backup and restore utility, specifically designed to backup and restore data saved on Smartphones running Microsoft’s Smartphone 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 OS.

“People become more and more reliant on devices like Microsoft Smartphones for their personal information. Therefore it becomes increasingly important to make sure you will not lose your information due to a hard reset or a device malfunction. ALL-locations recognized this problem and decided to develop a tool to help people keep their valuable data save” according to Toon van der Wagt, Commercial Manager of Ordina ALL-locations.

ALL-Backup creates a compressed file on a predefined location on the phone itself or (preferably) on a SD-Card. In this file a backup copy of all the files and all the settings of the Smartphone will be stored. When a phone has been hard-reset or replaced by another phone, ALL-backup can restore the phone to the state at which it was when the backup was created.

Backups are only useful if they are made on a regular basis. Therefore, ALL-Backup is designed to keep the backup and restore process as simple as possible. There are no confusing options and with just a few clicks, a reliable backup of your Smartphone is created.

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